All About Me Unit

Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 1:54 pm

Dear Families,

Our unit for  this month is “All About Me.” During this unit, we will discuss how people are similar and different and will learn about our bodies, our thoughts, and our feelings. Your child will learn about how he/she grows.

Your child will learn about how bodies are the same and different and how people use their bodies to show feelings. We will discuss how our bodies are growing and how everyone is learning new skills every day. Your child will compare his/her name to classmates’ names. He/she will discuss his/her favorite things and answer questions about the things he/she likes or doesn’t like.

On Monday, please send in a note about your child’s height and weight at birth.

On Friday, please allow your child to bring in a favorite item from home.


Our Art lesson in progress!

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